Tracy Ray

tracyrayTracy Ray was born and raised in Minden, Louisiana. At the age of 18 she moved away, married, had 2 children who are now grown with their own lives and children, making her a grandmother.  She lived in South Texas for 23 years and now she is back in the town in which she was raised.

She became aware of her medium and psychic abilities at the age of 6. This discovery would eventually lead her to research and explore the spiritual aspects of life, death and the hereafter, as well as psychic phenomena in general.  Her first medium experience was at her grandmother’s house and after it occurred they both realized the gifts she possessed.  Tracy is a paranormal and Bigfoot researcher/investigator and has worked with several groups.  She is currently working to help children that may need her help and would like to work with the law enforcement/FBI on cold cases.