Keith Ramsey

keithramseyKeith Ramsey is a God-fearing, beard-loving, concrete-hating, good ol’ boy who was born in Huntsville, Alabama and raised all around the Tennessee Valley.  He joined the group after a lifetime of paranormal events that began with visions at the age of 5. Keith saw his first apparition at age 9 and has had the gift of sensitivity and “sight” ever since. Keith’s life revolves around God, family, close friends, camping and fishing.

Keith is a long-time musician who uses music as a way to engage spirits during investigations. He’s been a singer, songwriter and guitarist with several different bands throughout the years, including The Keith Ramsey Band (KRB) and the Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band, Comin’ Home. He is currently the vocalist and lyricist for Kentucky-based rock band Ura-Kia.