Dash Beardsley on Coast to Coast AM

Dash Beardsley is on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Friday July 11, 2014 at 12 midnight!(CST)

Those of you who are night creatures can go to www.coasttocoastam.com click on “stations” to get the nearest station to you in the US. Those of you who are day people can go to the same site click on “Coast Insider” then click on “What is a Coast Insider?” and follow the prompts. This network broadcasts in over 500 stations in the country and has the largest night time listening audience on the planet! So, I hope even our space brothers and sisters hear it! Lol. I am so excited and look forward to all the great things this will bring! It’s an honor to be asked to be on this show, the show that Art Bell began and George Noory has carried on with a passion.

Blizzard of Ozz to perform

Blizzard of Ozz to perform at Dash Beardsley’s Wake the Dead Show!boo_logo_only

Blizzard of Ozz is a Dallas, Texas-based Ozzy Osbourne tribute band bringing the experience of a touring concert band atmosphere to a club setting. Focusing on Ozzy’s solo career, Blizzard of Ozz also incorporates some of Ozzy’s signature Black Sabbath songs.

boo1Blizzard of Ozz was formed in 2005 reuniting long-time friends and former bandmates, Scott Stout (drums), Chris Herrage (guitar) & Guy Gustafson (bass) together again after many years. This line-up coupled with the talents of vocalist Robert Fortier (aka Shame Osbourne) completed an awesome quartet of explosive talent. The band has long been fans of Ozzy’s music and it only seemed fitting to form a tribute band to pay homage to one the greatest performers in rock history.

boo2The focus of Blizzard of Ozz is to produce a high energy, kick-ass rock concert that is bigger than life. Complete with a full stage show, costumes and props, Blizzard of Ozz will captivate and entertain their audience. To complement the awesome stage show is the attention to detail in the music and the accuracy of the performance. This is a show that every Ozzy fan or rock fan will truly enjoy.

Dash Beardsley’s Wake the Dead Show Update

We are making much progress within the planning phase of our exciting event happening at the San Luis Convention Center on Friday/Saturday, September 5th and 6th. I am releasing a partial list of speakers/celebrities that are planning on joining us to help celebrate the paranormal, the strange and unusual, as well as the spirit of Rock and Roll!!

-Tawny Kitaen (Actress/Model)
-Scott Michaels (Owner of Dearly Departed Tours in Los Angeles/Television Personality)
-Verne Troyer (Tentative – Actor)
-Betty Eadie (Author of “Embraced by the Light”)
-Ken Gerhard (Cryptozoologist/Author/Television Personality)
-Lyle Blackburn (Cryptozoologist/Author/Television Personality)
-Larry Flaxman (Author/Paranormal Investigator/Television Personality)
-Dr. Rita Louise (Author/Radio Personality/Medical Intuitive)
-Sandra Logan (Radio Personality/Psychic/Medium)

I will continue to update you with additional details as we confirm those who plan on participating. Vendor information and ticket prices will be announced within the next few weeks. Get ready to Wake the Dead, Galveston!!!

Dash Beardsley